I met Lisa and Naza last year in Bali and instantly fell in love with them…I have been so inspired by them both…from Naza getting me into challenging arm balances, to Lisa leading me through amazing vinyasa classes to the best experience of partner yoga classes with them both. They continue to inspire me in so many ways, in particular to see them pursuing their dreams and sharing their passion for yoga & life…they are the ultimate yoga duo and I am so proud to call them my friends…
I look forward to leading some amazing yoga events with them in the future!
— Jack Boken, Canada
Lisa introduced me to yoga on one of her retreats in Portugal. As a beginner, in a group of more experienced people, she still helped everyone reach their fullest potential. She is nontheless also a fantastic person to know with a beautifull mind and caring personality.
— Ellen Nobs-Lindau, Sweden
I met Lisa and Nazareno at Shambala Gatherings in Sweden summer 2014. The first meeting with Lisa and Nazareno made me feel safe and happy. They are warm, lovely and inspiring people and teachers who possess an incredible amount of knowledge and experience of the body and the yogic philosophy. The classes are flowing, inspiring and playful.

They challenge and also give you options no matter where you are in your yoga practice. The way they work together and create the classes is amazing and just feels completely natural.
— Alexandra Rahme, Sweden
Lisa and Naza are the most inspiring couple and the week I spent with them “Into the wild” at Shambala Gatherings really mean a lot to me. They are both great teachers helping you with your yogapractise whatever level you’re at. Lisa’s passion for raw food also made me interested to learn more. It was a really fun, sweaty, healthy week that I can recommend to everyone!
— Olivia, Sweden
I have been seeking a yoga teacher similar to Lisa and Naza and fortunately, they have put me in touch with some people here in Australia.

Lisa and Naza in three words: Loving, beautiful, welcoming.

I met Lisa and Nazareno in 2013 while I was on a soul searching journey in Ubud, Bali. I attended a class which they were teaching together and while I didn’t know they were together, it was obvious they led a class as one. I was totally impressed! I attended their yoga classes for the six weeks I was in Ubud and not only did my physical yoga practice improve, but I found my focus became sharp and I felt super peaceful. Lisa and Naza both begin yoga practice with focus, and a spiritual component which I love! They are kind, generous and open souls who make no judgement about a person. They scream kindness!
— Rachael Rae Australia
Thanks so much for bringing such a beautiful, warm, happy and playful anergy to the classes. It was really inspiring, blissful and lovely experience, with so much light and love humor and joy. A true loving gift.
Thanks for sharing it with me, and let me be part of this fantastic retreat!
— Elad, Israel
Lisa and Nazareno are each powerful, devoted and knowledgeable yogis, and when they team teach, the union of their intention, skills and great personalities brings a unique gift to the yoga world.

Any level yoga practitioner will find huge value in studying with them.”
— Tom Lang, Canada
Into The Wild Retreat with Lisa & Nazareno summer 2014 was a yoga retreat filled with warmth, humour, happiness, playfulness, laughter and two beautiful, skilfulled teachers leading heartily with love.
— Kerstin Asplund, Sweden
Lisa guides her students with the most care during the classes. She makes you feel confident and happy. Always with a smile on her face, serenity would be the word to describe her.
 She explains well for beginners, like myself, and has a natural wisdom and strength you can feel very easily. Not strict, but disciplined in her practice, her gentle flow classes push you to have a great start of the day!
— Laura Pávia, Spain
Lisa and Nazareno are the dynamic duo of restorative yoga. They are two vibrant individuals who together create the most soothing and healing atmosphere I’ve ever experienced in any restorative class—anywhere in the world.  Unique sequences of restorative postures, aromatherapy, sound healing, and thoughtful adjustments always make attending their classes extra special.  They are two people doing what they love, and it shines through in their work. If you choose to enroll in Lisa and Naza’s classes or workshops, you’ll be in excellent hands.
— Jasmine C. (Bali, Indonesia/Honolulu, Hawaii)
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Partner Yoga with Naza and Lisa was an amazing experience to deepen both my yoga practice and the connection with my husband in a fun, involving way: we had lot of fun in a relaxed atmosphere mixing acro yoga, restorative and muscular work. My husband and I partecipate any time we have the occasion since we first met Naza and Lisa 2 years ago.
— Erica Pontalti, Italy
Lisa and Nazareno are a celebration of good vibrations. As teachers, both individually and in tandem, they are all I could wish for in a guided yoga class. They are knowledgeable, and they are all heart, and their warmth and radiance resonate from floor to ceiling, and wall to wall, filling the space with gentle waves of clarity. If you wish to immerse yourself in a yoga experience which boomerangs in an avalanche of positivity, taking class with Lisa and Nazareno is a no-brainer. They make the practice of yoga, and the teaching of that practice, something truly special.
— Steve Vinitsky, Hong Kong
To start practicing yoga was on the back of my head for a long time but I guess the right moment didn’t come until a few months ago when I moved with my family to Bali. Then, there was no excuse. With a lot of curiosity to feel all of the wellknown benefits of yoga I stepped in my first Vinyasa flow class with a guy I only knew his name was “Naza”. Two classes later he got me addicted to yoga and it only got better when Lisa arrived from his retirement in Ubud. The perfect transmission of pure energy as single teachers that you can also enjoy combined in their great “double up” classes. Really looking forward to have you back in Bali and surrender to your flow again. Thank you guys for introducing me to the world of yoga.
— Xandra Mongelos, Spain
The project to try yoga was in my mind since a long time and if not in Bali where else!? This was the best decision, because I had the possibility to meet Naza and Lisa. While traveling through Bali we visited and joined other yoga classes and teachers, but no experience came up to the quality and enjoyment of the classes of Lisa and Naza. I am glad to have experienced my first contact with yoga with them because they have awakened and deepened my enthusiasm and motivation to yoga. It’s been a very long time, since I was able to not think about anything - totally able to concentrate on the here and now. It wasn’t always just the pure joy of the yoga class but also to see and talk with them. They radiate so much positiveness and cordiality that we seek for the conversation with them both before and after the classes. I’m really looking forward to my return to Bali to experience more lessons and workshops with Lisa and Naza. I secretly hope to participiate in a yoga retreat of them one day.
— Jana, Germany
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My time at Shambala, in the verdant nature of Sweden, led by Lisa and Naza was the pause that refreshes, the grand escape from the busyness of my daily world, a guided journey to my mat, to my breath and deep within. Lisa and Naza are gifted spiritual individuals whose talents and skill sets compliment each other yielding a peace-centred yet challenging workshop experience, abundant with possibilities for growth, within and without. Keep doing what you are doing Lisa and Naza. It appears you have found your sacred path.
— Jill, Sweden
Practicing and learning about yoga in Sweden with Lisa and Naza was peaceful, fruitful and helpful! I wish I could have them around in my everyday life for a daily class!
— Sara Demesse, France
A week with Lisa and Nazareno was the best spontaneous decision I’ve made in a long time. I’m not the best at doing yoga, but after just a few days in their hands, I could feel an improvement. I got (slightly) more flexible, felt more relaxed and and managed to zone out of the stress, that had been haunting me for a while. The feeling stayed with me for at least a couple of weeks and gave me a push in the right direction. The food was amazing, the location was simple, but charming and I would definitely do it again!
— Stella Bulow Hansen, Denmark