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Vinyasa Flow is a creative, fluid and dynamic style of yoga, with roots in the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, created by Patthabi Jois in India at the beginning of the 20th century.

What differs Vinyasa Flow from Ashtanga Vinyasa is that in Ashtanga you always practice the postures in the same sequence/order - in Vinyasa Flow you don’t.

In Vinyasa Flow the focus is not on the poses (asanas) themselves, but on the breath and the transitions between the poses.

The breath and the transitions become one. Almost as if they were dancing with each other, creating what can be felt as a moving meditation.

This doesn’t mean you’ll never stay in the postures in a Vinyasa class, but it’s not the focus as in for example in Iyengar and Hatha yoga).

What we love so much about Vinyasa is the creativity and freedom it gives us - both as teachers and practitioners.

Every practice and class is unique!

One class can be focusing on hip openers, another one on backbends and sometimes the class might have a more subtle theme like grounding - where the class will focus on the feet and legs to find stability.

An endless amount of possibilities so to speak!


If you happen to be in Ericeira come try our classes at Ericeira Yoga Studio or Casa Paco D’ilhas Guesthouse. We teach both open level Vinyasa Flow classes (anybody can join) and Strong Flow (for those who already are familiar with Vinyasa flow and want to deepen their practice).

Live far away? Why not come join one of our retreats in Portugal this summer!?

Follow The Sun Vinyasa Flow Retreat is a 6-day immersion packed with everything we believe makes life epic! Sunshine, a daily yoga practice (twice a day) in an ocean view shala, time for beach, ocean and chill out, mind-blowing sunsets and nourishing healthy food!

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