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Inspiro Yoga was born in September 2013 amongst the lush green rice fields north of Ubud, Bali. 

We, Lisa (Swe) and Nazareno (Uru) had both been practising yoga for about a decade, trying out different styles and teachers. Out of all the styles we had both fallen in love with the creative and playful Vinyasa Flow where you synchronise movement and breath, and it becomes like a moving meditation. In 2012 we both completed our first 200hr teacher trainings (India / Bali) and started  teaching full time at one of the biggest yoga studios in Ubud, Bali.

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We immersed ourselves in further trainings and mentored at many. Soon we started to teach our own workshops and collaborated on other teachers retreats. Our offerings became more and more and we came up with the idea of starting our own little company.

We didn't really have a plan on how it was going to be running our own yoga business - we just knew we wanted to teach yoga and share our love for it with as many people as possible.


In the beginning Inspiro Yoga was only a website with our class schedule in Bali along with our biography. 

We started to offer workshops and classes in other countries along our travels and in 2014 we hosted our first yoga retreat in Sweden. People from many different countries came to join us and we knew already then that this was what we wanted to do.

Gather likeminded people in beautiful and inspiring locations, dive deep into the practice of yoga - and nourish our bodies with delicious vibrant and healthy food. 

By 2018 we've hosted more than 15 retreats in different countries, taught classes and workshops at yoga studios in Sweden, Netherlands, Uruguay, Argentina, Dubai, Sri Lanka and Denmark as well as teaching at several international yoga festivals. 

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So you might wonder what inspires us to teach yoga?

The answer is simple. Teaching yoga means you get to see people transform. From feeling uncertain on which path to choose in life - to finding one. From feeling stressed - to relaxed and calm. From feeling depressed - to alive and happy. From feeling alone - to feeling connected. From feeling unhappy in their bodies - to feel satisfied and happy with themselves. 


The word INSPIRO in Spanish means "I INSPIRE". It is our wish to INSPIRE YOU to awesomely good - in your body, mind and life.  INSPIRO also means "I BREATHE IN".  In Vinyasa Flow, the breath is the link between the postures. Keeping your awareness on the breath throughout the practice calms the mind and brings you back to the present moment.