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  • Sri Yoga shala Sri Lanka (map)

Like a moving meditation. A constant flow of waves. 

Never stopping.

That’s the idea of Vinyasa Flow yoga. To move with breath.

During a regular Vinyasa Flow class transitions and breath are in this constant flow together. There isn’t much time to look at the postures and a more thorough guidance in how to practice them safely. 

This workshop is meant for that! 

To break down the most common postures (asanas) that you’ll see and practice in a Vinyasa Flow class. 

Maybe you’ve heard the names Downward Facing dog, Plank pose, Chaturanga and Upward Facing Dog many times - but never had the chance to really learn how to practise them well, and in a way that is sustainable if you want to keep practising til you’re 100 years!

In this workshop we’ll go over and break down these poses, along with a few more of the most common postures in a flow class, and also teach you how to modify them. 

Every body is different, we all have different experience of yoga and not all postures work for everybody.

It’s essential to find a way so that you can keep moving within the flow in a healthy and most importantly a way that feels good!

All levels are welcome to this workshop - come and join our Vinyasa Laboratory!