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Vinyasa Flow is a creative, fluid and dynamic style of yoga, with roots in the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, created by Patthabi Jois in India at the beginning of the 20th century.

What differs Vinyasa Flow from Ashtanga Vinyasa is that in Ashtanga you always practice the postures in the same sequence/order - in Vinyasa Flow you don’t.

In Vinyasa Flow the focus is not on the poses (asanas) themselves, but on the breath and the transitions between the poses.

The breath and the transitions become one. Almost as if they were dancing with each other, creating what can be felt as a moving meditation.

This doesn’t mean you’ll never stay in the postures in a Vinyasa class, but it’s not the focus as in for example in Iyengar and Hatha yoga).

What we love so much about Vinyasa is the creativity and freedom it gives us - both as teachers and practitioners.

Every practice and class is unique!

One class can be focusing on hip openers, another one on backbends and sometimes the class might have a more subtle theme like grounding - where the class will focus on the feet and legs to find stability.

An endless amount of possibilities so to speak!


If you happen to be in Ericeira come try our classes at Ericeira Yoga Studio or Casa Paco D’ilhas Guesthouse. We teach both open level Vinyasa Flow classes (anybody can join) and Strong Flow (for those who already are familiar with Vinyasa flow and want to deepen their practice).

Live far away? Why not come join one of our retreats in Portugal this summer!?

Follow The Sun Vinyasa Flow Retreat is a 6-day immersion packed with everything we believe makes life epic! Sunshine, a daily yoga practice (twice a day) in an ocean view shala, time for beach, ocean and chill out, mind-blowing sunsets and nourishing healthy food!

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INSPIRO YOGA ERICEIRA PORTUGAL.  Why we love it and what you can and what you can expect in our classes.

Maybe you’ve heard the term Vinyasa Flow many times and taken classes either with us or other teachers, but maybe you wouldn’t really know how to describe it if someone asked you.

As we’re so passionate about it - let us tell you a little bit about it!

In Vinyasa Flow the focus is on the breath and the transitions between the postures (asanas) - not on the poses themselves (which is what Iyengar and traditional Hatha yoga does).

The breath and the transition, moving from one posture to the next, become one. 

Almost as if they were dancing with each other, creating something that could be felt as a moving meditation.

This doesn’t mean you’ll never stay in the postures in a Vinyasa class, but it’s not the focus. 

The reason why we love Vinyasa Flow are many.

It challenges you on all levels, but in the end leaves you feeling EMPOWERED, STRONG and CALM at the same time.


There are endless ways to sequence a class, which makes it super fun (we think) for both practitioners and as teachers. There is no limit to what you can add to a class or how to sequence a class. With that said there still needs to be a logical, well thought-out sequence that makes sense for the body.

A class can be focusing on building upper body strength. 

On core work. Hip openers. Inversions (upside-down poses).

A class can also be built up towards a so called PEAK-POSE, which is a more difficult pose that requires the body to be open in different areas. 

A ”peak-pose class” (which is a format we often use as we plan and teach classes) is sequenced in a way that when you reach that certain pose, which will likely to be placed in the middle or at 2/3 of the class, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to do it, or at least be MORE OPEN than if it was just an all-round class.

So what can you expect in our classes?

  1. A creative, well sequenced class where you will be challenged both physically and mentally.

  2. Music. From our own experience as both practitioners and teachers - music is super powerful and we love to use it in our classes! Instrumental, world-music, reggae and acoustic. Sometimes Nazareno will play his didgeridoo in savasana or we’ll invite friends to play live and sing during class.

  3. Hands-on adjustments. We don’t believe in perfect alignment as all bodies are different and everybody has different capacities in terms of range of motion. The reason we offer adjustments is to make your practice safer and/or to stabilise or deepen a pose. 

  4. Fun. You’ll have the chance to play like a child again! We like to add in some humor in our classes, along with some playful, sometimes quite weird poses to get you out of your head and into your body, and hopefully put a smile on your face.

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Our classes are not for total beginners to yoga.

As much as we love teach those that are new to yoga - our Vinyasa Flow classes, whether at a studio or at a retreat, are not suitable for those who have never ever done yoga. 

Vinyasa Flow is physically demanding and if you don’t know the basics and know how to practice it safely - it can hurt you more than it can do you well. 

For many years we’ve taught open-level Vinyasa Flow classes (meaning beginners to advanced practitioners can join) around the world.

We’ve never seen anyone hurting themselves in our classes, but you’d be surprised how many people do force and push themselves into postures - even though we as teachers clearly tell them it’s a more intermediate/advanced option.

Yoga has become SO BIG all over the world, and along with a society that’s always making us feel like we need to push and go further - this also gets reflected in yoga classes.

Not only do students try to force themselves into postures they shouldn’t - there’s now also a huge amount of new yoga teachers - people who’ve hardly practised any yoga themselves and who don’t have the skills on how to teach a safe class.

You’ll hear them tell beginner-students to go into poses they’re not prepared for, or even find them in the front of the room “teaching” - but instead of it being about the students - it’s about them and their “perfect practice” performing advanced asanas like gymnasts.

Yoga teacher trainings is a million-dollar business and there are surprisingly very little pre-requisites for many of them.


That, along with cheap rates (you can become a yoga teacher for 1000€) make it easy for pretty much anyone to become a yoga teacher.

inspiro yoga ericeira portugal

We want to be part of raising the quality of yoga, prevent injury and promote safety and have decided to not include total beginners to yoga in our public Vinyasa Flow classes or at our retreats.

If you are a beginner and would like to learn how to practice Vinyasa Flow in a safe way, we recommend that you take a private yoga class with us.

By working one-on-one with us you’ll get all the attention, and we make sure that you have the necessary knowledge on how to practice in a way that works for your body.

Got further questions about Vinyasa Flow, your practice or even about teaching?

Bring them on, either in the comments below or send us an email - we’d love to hear from you!

Are you a Vinyasa Flow lover or a yoga teacher wanting to deepen your practice with us for more than a public class?

Check our CALENDAR for upcoming retreats, workshops and immersions in Sweden and Portugal!



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Yes I know, the new year has already begun since a few weeks.

Maybe it’s been similar to you as for me. 

Around New Years and the holidays there’s so much going on, so many people to meet and you might not have had the time to even reflect over 2018, and even less about 2019.

Maybe, maybe not, you’ve started the year wondering what this year will be like. Maybe you have some goals that you’d like to achieve and things you’d like to do.

For many of us time just flies by and we never REALLY take the time to put all of this down on paper. Which we know is a whole other story and can be really powerful. 

So here’s a little invitation to answer a few questions. 

I did it myself a couple of weeks ago and really loved the feeling of getting it all  my thoughts and wishes down on paper. Together with some of my best friends we made a little ritual (with champagne and chocolate!) and we shared with each other what we’d written down. 

It can be really nice to share it like this with friends or even your partner, but also nice as a little ritual for yourself.

Here we go.

  • Start by creating a nice atmosphere. Maybe you like a quiet space or put on some inspiring  music in the background? If you’re in a warm country maybe go to a nice place in nature, on a bench in a park or on the beach. If you’re in a cold wintery country right now, curl up in your sofa with a nice cup of coffee or tea and maybe light a candle.

  • Bring out your journal/diary or simple a piece of paper (or more if you like to write a lot).

  • Find a comfortable seat or maybe lie down.

  • Close your eyes for a few moments and take a few deep breaths. In through your nose and out through the mouth.

  • Now ask yourself the following 3 questions (maybe close your eyes in between them, take a few breaths. Try to not rush as you write down your answers. Rather than trying to think out the answers, see if you can you find them in your heart.

  1. How do you want to FEEL in 2019?

  2. What would you like to CREATE, DO and EXPERIENCE in 2019?

  3. Where do you see yourself in one year?

Write as much as you can. Let it flow.

Don’t limit yourself.

When you’re ready, read over what you just wrote. Are there any words that stand out? Circle or mark them with a colour pen.

Close your eyes again and simply notice the way it made you feel writing those things down.

If it comes easy to you maybe you make up a little mantra, using the words you just circled or marked - that will be your go-to-sentence-for-the-year.

I hope you enjoyed this little ritual as much as I did.

Feel free to share it with friends and others you think would like it too!

Also feel free to share any insights in the comments below. 

Much love, 





There are no words that can really describe what happens during an intense yoga teacher training in the format of 21 days. 

It's inevitable that something pretty transformative happens.

You are together with a group of people, from all over the world. 

People you maybe wouldn't have met if it wasn't here. 

The people come from many different backgrounds and professions. 

All taking a "break" from their daily lives - with the same aim.


YOGA - DAY 1 (233).JPG

You practice physically demanding Vinyasa Flow yoga from 2 to 4 hours a day. 

Lectures 3-4 hours a day.

Asana. Pranayama. Anatomy. Yoga philosophy. 

Teaching others how to move and breathe.

Learning about the subtle body. 

How to use your voice. 

Your body is nourished with healthy, wholesome, locally grown food three times a day.

You're surrounded by stunning nature.

Breathing in fresh air.

It’s calm and quiet around. 

You start having deep conversations about life with others. 


Questions start to come up...

- Who are you as a teacher? 

- Why do you want to teach? 

- Who do you want to serve?

 Doubt comes up. 

Fear comes up.

You will get tired. 

You'll ask yourself if this was really a good choice. 

Wonder who you are, amongst the other millions of yoga teachers in this world?

It will inevitably challenge you.

Whether you want it or not, you'll face yourself in a completely new way in the context of a teacher training.

The days are long. 

Starting at 7am.

Finishing at 7pm.

A deep dive into the practice and art of teaching yoga.

12 hours or more a day.


"I thought I knew a lot about yoga...I was so wrong.

I can NOW say that I know a lot about yoga and I have tremendous respect for the skills you have to master as a yoga teacher" 




We don't believe that we have all the answers when it comes to yoga.

We don't say that our method of teaching yoga is the only way. 

How could it ever be?

We are all so different. 

Different bodies. 


Things that we like about yoga - and things we don't. 

Things that work for our body type.

Things that don't.


vinyasa flow yoga teacher training portugal

 We will not give you sequences to teach. 

We will teach you how to craft them.

We will not tell you who you should be as a teacher. 

We will help you discover it on your own.

We'll give you the tools for YOU to find out how to use

YOUR CREATIVITY and what resonates with you (not just in yoga but in your life).

How to add YOUR PERSONALITY AND AUTHENTICITY to your yoga classes - offering something to the world that no one else does. 

You are you. 

No one else.

End of story.


vinyasa flow yoga teacher training portugal



The Creativity. The Playfulness. The Endless Possibilities in creating and practising. . 

The way one Vinyasa Flow class can look and feel completely different from anther.


Does the the above stir something inside of you? 

Does it resonate with you?

Do you have this calling inside you that you'd like to share your love for yoga - especially Vinyasa Flow - with the world?

Then please let us know. We don't want the world to miss out on you.

For complete curriculum, faculty, dates and everything else in between, go to the training website: